Ze Aboout Page!

Who are you?

"I'm the Captain, you bilge rat! Didn't I tell you that already!?"

Excuse me, I don't know what came over me there. Anywho, my name is Lucas, but I prefer to go by my username, Captain Eldeezee,
on the interwebs. Maybe that'll change at some point. At the time of writing, I am still in High School, but am nearly out. I've got a car,
maybe I'll make a page about it. Hmm. But, I can't drive it on public roads, as I don't have a licence or permit. I will be getting one just
before the new year. I don't have a job, yet, but I do plan on getting one either this summer, or the next.

Why have you got this website?

Well, I was bored, and I remembered Neocities existed, and it sounded interesting to learn how to code in HTML. I find those late 90s,
early 2000s websites charming, in their own way, and I decided to emulate that. But also 'cause it saves space. The website at the moment,
media included, is under half a megabyte still! 477KB, to be exact. I find that amazing.

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