My (former) '94 Toyota Camry (Depreciated, YAY!)

A page dedicated to my (former) car.

1994 Toyota Camry LE

My first car, bought for a whopping $2200, it's certainly got all the features of a first car. Driver-side front door takes a few tries to get the master switches to work, one of the door speakers doesn't work, paint sucks, front passenger exterior door handle is somewhat broken off, and the hood struts don't work. It is a great car, but it's got quirks. Now, it does run really well, it has some good 'n new window tint on it, and the A/C is like a cool breeze. That's what matters. Especially here in the South.

Speaking of cars, and driving, I've recently got myself a learner's license, with my face 'n everythang. My signature looks cramped and way too small, though.

As of August 2023, this little car is no longer in my possession. Frankly, it kinda sucked. I've since got a much better, RELIABLE car. A page is forthcoming...

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