Aformentioned "Vidyagames"

Where I'll most likely discuss my opinions on these newfangled "video games". Plus post save files and various game fixes I've come across. Never know who'll need them. (I've just noticed the kerning looks a bit... off. Am I seeing things??) Also will contain lists of servers I tend to frequent in each capable game, ordered from most regular to least.

SimCity 4

The epitome of simulation city-building games.

Team Fortress 2

9-class based team FPS. Overwatch, but older, better, and cooler.

Garry's Mod

That sandbox game from '06. Now on V13. Magnum opus of one Garry Newman. Other than sandbox, there are a multitude of gamemodes to choose from that tend to heavily modify the existing game functionality to accomodate just about any sort of game style. From Prop Hunt, to Trouble in Terrorist Town, to my personal favorite; Zombie Survival.

Zombie Survival

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