Mac(s) 'n Me!

This page is about displaying my Macs, plus some other older computers I have come into possession of.
In other words, this is a technology showcase.


My G4 eMac, a USB 2.0, 7450, according to
I used their "Ultimate Mac Lookup" search-tool.

I've had this eMac since around 2009, although I was but a child when my dad got it. I don't really know why he did, as he already had a PC. But I ended up using it, burning a couple CDs and watching YouTube on it, then. Nowadays, I use it as a semi daily-driver, as it's still perfectly functional. It has an AirPort card installed, harvested off an iBook G4 I also own. It's running OSX 10.4.11, and as a result, most internet browsers do not work, especially with those now-laughable specs, except for TenFourFox, which has unfortunately stopped offical support. Who knows, maybe there'll be a fork of a fork, I don't know! As for now, I hope it continues to be functional, with those security certificates and whatnot.

Of course, with it staying untouched since 2012 or so, there was bound to be a few QOL software stuff needed and added. Including games. The first thing I downloaded was TenFourFox, as I really couldn't navigate the internet with the version of Safari that was installed. It was just a little too old. Then I got a bit peeved that I couldn't really change any system files/install much because I was still using my user account from 9 years ago, and it had the regular permissions. Luckily, I found a guide on how to, basically, get into the basic command line interface of the Mac, and trick the OS into thinking it was booting up for the first time. From there, I went through the setup process and created a new admin account. It didn't even overwrite the files, other than the ones directly related to the setup, of course. And wasn't that secure? No, no it was not. I hope modern Macs aren't like that, but I doubt it.

And a very special thanks to Macintosh Repository, a wonderful website that gave me all that I needed to enjoy my eMac. And my iBook. They have so much software and documentation for Apple computers, including games! Consider making an account, and donating. It helps them out, obviously, plus you up your download size limit. Guests get up to 100MB, those signed in get up to 1GB, and donators have no limit.

iBook G4



Apple IIsi, previously thought non-functioning. Now known to have needed a good cleaning, power supply recap, and new CMOS battery.

Inspiron 1100

Dell Inspiron 1100, running Windows XP Professional, SP3.
256 megabytes of RAM, and 64 megabytes of VideoRAM.

Latitude e5500

Dell Latitude e5500, running Windows XP Professional, SP3.
4,096 megabytes of RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and 1024 megabytes of VideoRAM.

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