Favorite Music and Musicians

A place where I can share my musical interests. Probably will be a list of the musicians I prefer to listen to, and their albums, in no particular order.

Michael Jackson

MJ is the one of the first I can really remember hearing, when I was but a babe. In fact, I remember my dad having a copy of the compilation album "Number Ones" on CD. Now, I myself have developed a taste for his music. I've got Thriller, Bad, and HIStory on CD, plus The Essential Michael Jackson, another compilation album. That last one is the first MJ album I bought with my own money, at Wal-Mart. I've also got Dangerous, but it's out of case, and scratched to Oblivion. I think my dad bought it original back in the '90s.

The Blues Brothers

Also introduced to them by my dad, through the movie. Although it's not specifically them singing it, Cab Calloway's rendition of his "Minnie the Moocher" is one of my favorite scenes. I semi-recently discovered their other couple albums they made, Briefcase full of Blues being one of them. I'd say they're my second favorite blues musician(s), after Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble.

SRV & Double Trouble

Best damn blues rock band ever!

Neil Cicierega

One of the principal gods on the internet, along with, I don't know, OneyNG and Gaben. Makes brilliant mashup albums of popular music (the Mouth Quadrilogy), is the Lemon Demon, and the man behind such internet hits as the Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate History, Brodyquest, and Potter Puppet Pals.


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