Welcome to my Arr-mazing Website!

Happy (Belated) Third Birthday!

I've never done a website before, but I have heard of Geocities, and then of Neocities; so here we are! Well, I've done gone and made it. It's been 3 years. Not too many edits in that time. I can't promise any more frequency, and you shouldn't expect otherwise anyway. This is a personal website, a bit like a bulletin board. Sometimes updated, sometimes not. I will continue to post & update according to flight of fancy.

Update: I've dusted off my SpaceHey account that I made in February of last year (2023), that could work as a blogspace. Go give that a bookmark, iffin you wanna. The whole website's pretty cool; it's a fully-functioning throwback to MySpace, circa 2004 or so.
Also, check out the Macs 'n Me page, its had a small update.

Anywho, it's time for the original site introduction!

Salutations! My name, or username, is Captain Eldeezee! I'll be the captain of this 'ere ship, although it's more of a raft at the moment. But let it be known that I'm no chicken!

But seriously (just for a mo!), this'll serve as my personal website/diary, and it will (hopefully) improve as time goes on, and as I figure out how to code in HTML more effectively AND efficiently. As of now, I have some experience coding in HTML, making this website, and expanding it.

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An incomplete list of my studies/interests/resources/funnies:

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